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For You

A simple letter to the one who now might be holding you at night:

  • When the two of you eat, make sure you have something sweet right after meal. He'll force you to buy if you don't have it prepared.

  • Carry his bag. If he refuses, let him carry yours. He has tendencies of being bossy at times. He likes to feel dominated at times, too.

  • He likes blueberry cheesecake a lot. He likes all things with cream, even though he's lactose intolerant.

  • If you're about to get up at midnight to go to the john, be prepared that he might be pulling your hand and get you back to bed. Just tell him you're about to pee and kiss him on the forehead. Once you get back, he will automatically grab and squeeze you tight. Seconds after, he'll fall asleep.

  • He'll wake you up with morning kisses. He'll torridly kiss you and then realize that you guys haven't even brushed your teeth. Go with him in the comfort room. Have sex. He likes in in the morning.

  • He likes your facial hair trimmed, not shaved. He likes you looking a bit rugged. It turns him on.

  • He's childish. Baby him as much as you could.

  • Tell him how you really feel. If you're angry, tell him. He's a bit insensitive.

  • He sometimes opens his eyes when you are kissing. Pretend that you do not notice.

  • Practice active listening. He gets impatient really quickly. He doesn't like repeating himself. He'll think you're not paying attention.

  • He easily gets stressed. He's a brat. There's no way to comfort him but by just being there.

  • He cries when he's angry. He's not violent.

  • There are times that he says it's okay though it's not. When you go out with your friends, invite him. He wants you to show the world you got him.

  • He gets scared but doesn't show it when you get mad at him. Notice how he tries to avoid your stare when you're mad.

  • Hold his hand in public granting that you got his permission. You can be sweet but holding hands is not his thing. He's trying to be discreet.

  • He's sweet in his own ways. He'll love you with respect to his own terms. Never force him or make him feel that you are telling him what to do. It'll hurt his ego.

  • A lot of guys will surely go after him. He's charming and sweet. He's handsome. He knows how to work wonders.

  • Treat him like a man. He acts like a child at times but he just wants you to baby him.

  • You are lucky to have him. Make sure that you sustain his interest. You'll never lose him.