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For You

A simple letter to the one who now might be holding you at night:

  • When the two of you eat, make sure you have something sweet right after meal. He'll force you to buy if you don't have it prepared.

  • Carry his bag. If he refuses, let him carry yours. He has tendencies of being bossy at times. He likes to feel dominated at times, too.

  • He likes blueberry cheesecake a lot. He likes all things with cream, even though he's lactose intolerant.

  • If you're about to get up at midnight to go to the john, be prepared that he might be pulling your hand and get you back to bed. Just tell him you're about to pee and kiss him on the forehead. Once you get back, he will automatically grab and squeeze you tight. Seconds after, he'll fall asleep.

  • He'll wake you up with morning kisses. He'll torridly kiss you and then realize that you guys haven't even brushed your teeth. Go with him in the comfort room. Have sex. He likes in in the morning.

  • He likes your facial hair trimmed, not shaved. He likes you looking a bit rugged. It turns him on.

  • He's childish. Baby him as much as you could.

  • Tell him how you really feel. If you're angry, tell him. He's a bit insensitive.

  • He sometimes opens his eyes when you are kissing. Pretend that you do not notice.

  • Practice active listening. He gets impatient really quickly. He doesn't like repeating himself. He'll think you're not paying attention.

  • He easily gets stressed. He's a brat. There's no way to comfort him but by just being there.

  • He cries when he's angry. He's not violent.

  • There are times that he says it's okay though it's not. When you go out with your friends, invite him. He wants you to show the world you got him.

  • He gets scared but doesn't show it when you get mad at him. Notice how he tries to avoid your stare when you're mad.

  • Hold his hand in public granting that you got his permission. You can be sweet but holding hands is not his thing. He's trying to be discreet.

  • He's sweet in his own ways. He'll love you with respect to his own terms. Never force him or make him feel that you are telling him what to do. It'll hurt his ego.

  • A lot of guys will surely go after him. He's charming and sweet. He's handsome. He knows how to work wonders.

  • Treat him like a man. He acts like a child at times but he just wants you to baby him.

  • You are lucky to have him. Make sure that you sustain his interest. You'll never lose him.

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Migratory Birds

You let go of my hand.

I felt it swing. Movements were involuntary.

You stared at the nothingness. Indeed, it's a beautiful dawn. My eyes were glued on you.
I know you knew I was observing you. Interpreting every frown, every movement, every crease your forehead gets when you lift an eyebrow.  You chose not to answer all my silent stares.

My eyes grew tired of looking at you and insisted witnessing the dramatic explosion of colors from the sunset. I saw a flock of  migratory birds flying together, going to a destination they do not know yet. Trying to find a new home before the new season starts.

That cold December wind whispered words we both didn't understand. We concluded it was  sympathy.

Again, I tried reaching for your hand but a subtle rejection welcomed me. I demanded for our hands to be locked. I felt your warmth.

I saw how you let out a deep sigh. You closed your eyes and beamed a forced smile.

The wind continued blowing. We saw the how to colors faded, from bright red-orange, the skies now are turning into bluish-purple, an indication that the day is done, that the love we had is broken.

We heard birds singing as they travel through air.

"I'm leaving, please take care of yourself."

"Are you sure about this?"

I swallowed, hard.

"Yes, sorry," you said casually.

“Take care,” I said, blankly.


Our hands slowly drifted apart. You started walking and I was left alone.

"You could have at least, said no."

I looked up the sky and saw the migratory birds flying freely.

"You could have at least pulled me back."

Farther, smaller, until it's completely gone.

"You could have just lied and said everything's going to be okay again."

Those birds are us. We learned the basics of flying together. We got up so high and enjoyed every moment of euphoria we had up there. Then there's a strong wind that we tried to brave but we failed. Resulting to us, vanishing to thin air.

The touch of cold wind terrified me. Tears started rolling.

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The picturesque view from the 27th floor of that condo gave her that feeling of amusement.  Tiny lights sparkled from a distance and looked like little bulbs of Christmas lights. She couldn't help but to appreciate them like a kid who's got a first sight on something.

With her thoughts drifting away, she gazed at the darkness and followed its pointless end. She let out a breathy sigh. She flinched from the sudden touch she felt on her waist.

"It's just me," he said in a sweet, raspy voice.

She turned around and saw him. His sun-kissed skin, that she always adored for she finds them really manly. His broad shoulders that she desires to caress when he's on top of her. His hypnotic puppy eyes that definitely was the reason why he got her heart.

She answered with a smile.

"You are so beautiful," his sincerity so felt, she couldn't control herself but to blush.

He eyed her. Her perfect eyes are just very lovely. It really makes a good view of her soul. Her teeth are white and she beams a smile that has always melted his totality.

"You are very beautiful," he said, staring at her.

His eyes continued to have a feast. He looked at her nakedness. Her perfectly shaped breasts have always turned him on. Her skin, so soft, so tender, so fragile. He knew that she was the one he wanted to take care of for the rest of his living life.
"May I touch you?"

She nodded in agreement. He wasted no time and held her tight. In a glimpse, they were kissing. They finally satisfied the thirst they have had for each other for even more than a decade. They were kissing passionately. She's savouring every moment. He's in euphoria. Both of them are in heaven.

His hands continued exploring her body. She was moaning with ecstacy. They were both summoning each others' names with breathy and urgent tones. He touched her sex and felt its wetness. She knew she were ready. Finally, after ten long years, they were united. Flesh to flesh, soul to soul, heart to heart. He was giddy with excitement, a certain rush ushered in as he felt her tightness. They felt they are near the much anticipated end. Movements now are faster. Breathing now got deeper. Moaning now became louder. The room was filled with their voices catching for air. It was like a wonderful song.They climaxed.

He let her rest on his chest. Both sweaty and panting, they kissed.

"I love you so much," he said.

She answered him with a smile. He seemed to understand her response. He kissed her in the forehead and dozed off.

Her thoughts are running wild but she couldn't deny the pleasure she got as her sex still continues to wet. She hugged him tighter and now, she can hear his heart beating like a kick drum. Few moments later, he started to snore.

She watched him closely. He still looks like an angel. Though time has aged his aura and physique, he still is the guy she once loved. She gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you, too," she knows he won't hear it.

She got up and took a shower. Got dressed and checked her phone. She dialled the number who called her and yes, she frowned upon hearing the voice on the other line.

"What time will you be home? The kids are waiting for you," the voice sounded sweet.

"In an hour. I just got out of the office," she answered.

She then threw one last look. Her angel is still, sleeping. She left without saying any word. Went down the lobby, and took a cab home.


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Looking Back

They say that looking back to where you first were is a good way of keeping your feet on the ground. Some have claimed that revisiting, or reminiscing how things were is a validation of one's humble beginnings.The idea kept running on my mind but I never fully understood it until I was reminded of the past, through a can of sardines, eggs and potatoes.

It was a hot summer afternoon, way back, when my mom came home giddy with excitement. She told me that she's going to leave her job as a cook to be a  household helper to a different employer. I was hesitant because she's been working for a decade and earning good bucks to just start again. Her bosses were good to me, I remember them giving me money for school secretly because they wanted my mom's burden to be lighter, given she's a single mom, and the one who takes care of the household.

Though I do not approve of it, I still supported my mom to risk and take a chance.

"Bakit ka ba lilipat eh, okay ka naman sa trabaho mo ngayon? At mas mataas ang sahod mo dyan," my older brother asking her.

I smiled hearing him voicing out.

"Sabi kasi sakin ng Ate Cecil mo, lipat muna ako sa kanila. Aasikasuhin nya yung mga papers ko para makapunta ako sa Japan. Ako ang mag-aalaga sa apo nya run. Pwede rin ako kumuha ng ibang trabaho sa gabi."

Hearing that, and knowing Cecil has been a friend to the family for years, I didn't even have the slightest of doubt. I knew it will happen. A brighter future for the family.

And yes, I was wrong.

Mom had to go to the province for a week to fix some stuff. When she came back, Cecil already had a new helper. She didn't even talk to mom about it. My mom tried contacting her but she never answered any of her messages or calls.

To cut the story short, Cecil dumped mom, for reasons we don't know.

"Hindi naman talaga ako aalis sa dati kong amo kung hindi nangako si Cecil na pupunta ako ng Japan," mom said, crying.

We were devastated. It's a gamble we weren't given a chance of winning. She risked and had a broken heart. It's really painful seeing your mom cry.

My aunts learned about it and helped. They've given us enough stocks, NFA Rice, some sardines and potatoes. We were deeply moved, given that even them, do not have much to give but still lent their hands.

For the next few weeks, we got nothing to eat. My brother was a bum. I was a student. My mom tried to make both ends meet but she just could not finance everything. Loans were gaining interest. There was rent to pay. There were bills to settle. I realized that I had to stop school and find a way to earn. It was heartbreaking on my part since I'd be leaving something that has been part of my routine. I tried to look at the bigger picture and realized that I could always go back to school.

I applied for a promodiser post in a famous mall near our place. I was hired. On the first day of my training, I didn't attend. I realized that I didn't study 2 years in college just to work there. (No hate here, but I know what I'm capable of). Luckily, after a month, I landed on a job that pays good and is easy.

* * *

Last Tuesday, I asked my mom to prepare sardines and potatoes for lunch. She asked why all of a sudden I'd want to eat those. I just told her that I miss eating those. She didn't believe. I told her that I'd want to look back on the things that helped us survive on our darkest days.
The lunch was great. Sardine and Potato Omelet, but this time, no more NFA Rice. When I started working I promised myself that I won't eat NFA again. (Sorry, but it's just my preference. I don't mean to belittle anyone. I apologize if any find this statement offensive)

I guess looking back is okay if it helps you be better, if it makes you compare things from bad to good, if it teaches you a lesson that no matter how shit the day is, the next day will always be different.

There is hope. Of course, there is. We just have to keep on believing.

*I was supposed to post my picture way back for you to see how depressed and thin I was, but I didn't. I don't want to ruin your day. LOL*

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Taste Of Your Own Medicine

This is another random post. Yes. Very random.

Every six months in my company, the employees get shuffled New team, new members, new seat mates, and of course, new Team Leader to bear with. Having stayed in the company for almost five years now, I have witnessed the professionalism shown by each employees and the dedication of each TL's to motivate their teachers to continue working well despite the company's issues.

To cut the long story short, I got a new TL.

I was happy hearing that I was part of her team. It's a good way to start the year, I thought. A lot of people were surprised to know that she'd be a TL but I didn't care that much. I know her personally and I think she's good in dealing with people. I know that she's a people-person and being feisty as she is, I know she'd stand for us when we did something bad. And yes, I was wrong.

The very first day she became a TL, there's a sudden wall that no one could easily penetrate. She looked serious and that air of superiority was really noticeable in her aura. I decided to not give a shit on it because I knew she might be just intimated because all of her members, or mostly, are pioneers, including me. Yes. I had a feeling that she was just nervous.

The first night, we had a meeting. After introducing oneself, questions were raised. I was a bit disappointed because she couldn't even speak good English. Okay. Being the good guy in me, I made a conclusion that yeah, she's just nervous.

Some of my team mates asked questions and surprisingly, she shouts whenever she answers. She was agitated for reasons we couldn't identify and I was getting more and more disappointed, and actually pissed. So fine, it's her first day, she might be nervous and let's give her a chance.

Day 2 came. After the shift, she called for another meeting. Same thing. She shouted while answering. That got me angry. I kept my silence and decided to just be quiet. Days passed and yes, all of us were not into her. We started making fun of her. We abhor her. And we even didn't participate in whatever stuff she had.

It has been a month and I know, she feels outcast in her own team. There was this one time, we were talking (I and some more members) , she tried to butt-in but after her first word, all of us went back to our work stations. When she calls meetings, we arrive late. When we are in her meetings, no one answers her questions. I know that she's feeling frustrated. But I think, she knows that no one in her team likes her.

Just today, as she was giving her freebie as we have our Luner New Year Break, she approached me.  

Rovi, galit ka ba sa akin?

Why should I be mad at you?

Iba kasi mga tingin mo. Hindi ako nakatulog kakaisip kung may problema ka ba sakin.

No. I don't have any.

I went back to writing some stuff.

Eh bakit hindi ka tumitingin sa akin?

I looked at her.

We don't have a problem. If we do, I'd tell you.

Thank you ha.

You're welcome.

She went back to her station and I went back to writing.

I actually wanted to say that that's the taste of her own medicine. Some people are actually not worthy of the truth. Some can't simply handle them.
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Welcome to Blogger, Who Got Away!

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted something here on blogger. For months or actually, a year of being able to not write anything new, I do hope that this new blog will give me a fresh start.

I have decided to make another blog because this one has been inactive and mostly, my contributors were the ones who post stories and other stuff. I will try my best to make this blog, "Who Got Away?" more personal and as much as possible, I'd minimize having contributors so that all posts will be just mine. Having contributors is a good thing though especially if you don't have a lot of time updating your blog.

So how did I come up with the name Who Got Away? I was actually aiming this blog to be named Our Battles but since the address was already taken, I decided to try this one. Other blog names such as This Bottle of Wine, Don't Let Me Know, Calm Under the Waves were chosen but still, I came up with Who Got Away?

So there, welcome to my new blog and I know that it will just keep on getting better!