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Taste Of Your Own Medicine

This is another random post. Yes. Very random.

Every six months in my company, the employees get shuffled New team, new members, new seat mates, and of course, new Team Leader to bear with. Having stayed in the company for almost five years now, I have witnessed the professionalism shown by each employees and the dedication of each TL's to motivate their teachers to continue working well despite the company's issues.

To cut the long story short, I got a new TL.

I was happy hearing that I was part of her team. It's a good way to start the year, I thought. A lot of people were surprised to know that she'd be a TL but I didn't care that much. I know her personally and I think she's good in dealing with people. I know that she's a people-person and being feisty as she is, I know she'd stand for us when we did something bad. And yes, I was wrong.

The very first day she became a TL, there's a sudden wall that no one could easily penetrate. She looked serious and that air of superiority was really noticeable in her aura. I decided to not give a shit on it because I knew she might be just intimated because all of her members, or mostly, are pioneers, including me. Yes. I had a feeling that she was just nervous.

The first night, we had a meeting. After introducing oneself, questions were raised. I was a bit disappointed because she couldn't even speak good English. Okay. Being the good guy in me, I made a conclusion that yeah, she's just nervous.

Some of my team mates asked questions and surprisingly, she shouts whenever she answers. She was agitated for reasons we couldn't identify and I was getting more and more disappointed, and actually pissed. So fine, it's her first day, she might be nervous and let's give her a chance.

Day 2 came. After the shift, she called for another meeting. Same thing. She shouted while answering. That got me angry. I kept my silence and decided to just be quiet. Days passed and yes, all of us were not into her. We started making fun of her. We abhor her. And we even didn't participate in whatever stuff she had.

It has been a month and I know, she feels outcast in her own team. There was this one time, we were talking (I and some more members) , she tried to butt-in but after her first word, all of us went back to our work stations. When she calls meetings, we arrive late. When we are in her meetings, no one answers her questions. I know that she's feeling frustrated. But I think, she knows that no one in her team likes her.

Just today, as she was giving her freebie as we have our Luner New Year Break, she approached me.  

Rovi, galit ka ba sa akin?

Why should I be mad at you?

Iba kasi mga tingin mo. Hindi ako nakatulog kakaisip kung may problema ka ba sakin.

No. I don't have any.

I went back to writing some stuff.

Eh bakit hindi ka tumitingin sa akin?

I looked at her.

We don't have a problem. If we do, I'd tell you.

Thank you ha.

You're welcome.

She went back to her station and I went back to writing.

I actually wanted to say that that's the taste of her own medicine. Some people are actually not worthy of the truth. Some can't simply handle them.
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Welcome to Blogger, Who Got Away!

Wow! It has been a while since I last posted something here on blogger. For months or actually, a year of being able to not write anything new, I do hope that this new blog will give me a fresh start.

I have decided to make another blog because this one has been inactive and mostly, my contributors were the ones who post stories and other stuff. I will try my best to make this blog, "Who Got Away?" more personal and as much as possible, I'd minimize having contributors so that all posts will be just mine. Having contributors is a good thing though especially if you don't have a lot of time updating your blog.

So how did I come up with the name Who Got Away? I was actually aiming this blog to be named Our Battles but since the address was already taken, I decided to try this one. Other blog names such as This Bottle of Wine, Don't Let Me Know, Calm Under the Waves were chosen but still, I came up with Who Got Away?

So there, welcome to my new blog and I know that it will just keep on getting better!