Biyernes, Pebrero 28, 2014

Migratory Birds

You let go of my hand.

I felt it swing. Movements were involuntary.

You stared at the nothingness. Indeed, it's a beautiful dawn. My eyes were glued on you.
I know you knew I was observing you. Interpreting every frown, every movement, every crease your forehead gets when you lift an eyebrow.  You chose not to answer all my silent stares.

My eyes grew tired of looking at you and insisted witnessing the dramatic explosion of colors from the sunset. I saw a flock of  migratory birds flying together, going to a destination they do not know yet. Trying to find a new home before the new season starts.

That cold December wind whispered words we both didn't understand. We concluded it was  sympathy.

Again, I tried reaching for your hand but a subtle rejection welcomed me. I demanded for our hands to be locked. I felt your warmth.

I saw how you let out a deep sigh. You closed your eyes and beamed a forced smile.

The wind continued blowing. We saw the how to colors faded, from bright red-orange, the skies now are turning into bluish-purple, an indication that the day is done, that the love we had is broken.

We heard birds singing as they travel through air.

"I'm leaving, please take care of yourself."

"Are you sure about this?"

I swallowed, hard.

"Yes, sorry," you said casually.

“Take care,” I said, blankly.


Our hands slowly drifted apart. You started walking and I was left alone.

"You could have at least, said no."

I looked up the sky and saw the migratory birds flying freely.

"You could have at least pulled me back."

Farther, smaller, until it's completely gone.

"You could have just lied and said everything's going to be okay again."

Those birds are us. We learned the basics of flying together. We got up so high and enjoyed every moment of euphoria we had up there. Then there's a strong wind that we tried to brave but we failed. Resulting to us, vanishing to thin air.

The touch of cold wind terrified me. Tears started rolling.


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