Huwebes, Pebrero 20, 2014


The picturesque view from the 27th floor of that condo gave her that feeling of amusement.  Tiny lights sparkled from a distance and looked like little bulbs of Christmas lights. She couldn't help but to appreciate them like a kid who's got a first sight on something.

With her thoughts drifting away, she gazed at the darkness and followed its pointless end. She let out a breathy sigh. She flinched from the sudden touch she felt on her waist.

"It's just me," he said in a sweet, raspy voice.

She turned around and saw him. His sun-kissed skin, that she always adored for she finds them really manly. His broad shoulders that she desires to caress when he's on top of her. His hypnotic puppy eyes that definitely was the reason why he got her heart.

She answered with a smile.

"You are so beautiful," his sincerity so felt, she couldn't control herself but to blush.

He eyed her. Her perfect eyes are just very lovely. It really makes a good view of her soul. Her teeth are white and she beams a smile that has always melted his totality.

"You are very beautiful," he said, staring at her.

His eyes continued to have a feast. He looked at her nakedness. Her perfectly shaped breasts have always turned him on. Her skin, so soft, so tender, so fragile. He knew that she was the one he wanted to take care of for the rest of his living life.
"May I touch you?"

She nodded in agreement. He wasted no time and held her tight. In a glimpse, they were kissing. They finally satisfied the thirst they have had for each other for even more than a decade. They were kissing passionately. She's savouring every moment. He's in euphoria. Both of them are in heaven.

His hands continued exploring her body. She was moaning with ecstacy. They were both summoning each others' names with breathy and urgent tones. He touched her sex and felt its wetness. She knew she were ready. Finally, after ten long years, they were united. Flesh to flesh, soul to soul, heart to heart. He was giddy with excitement, a certain rush ushered in as he felt her tightness. They felt they are near the much anticipated end. Movements now are faster. Breathing now got deeper. Moaning now became louder. The room was filled with their voices catching for air. It was like a wonderful song.They climaxed.

He let her rest on his chest. Both sweaty and panting, they kissed.

"I love you so much," he said.

She answered him with a smile. He seemed to understand her response. He kissed her in the forehead and dozed off.

Her thoughts are running wild but she couldn't deny the pleasure she got as her sex still continues to wet. She hugged him tighter and now, she can hear his heart beating like a kick drum. Few moments later, he started to snore.

She watched him closely. He still looks like an angel. Though time has aged his aura and physique, he still is the guy she once loved. She gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you, too," she knows he won't hear it.

She got up and took a shower. Got dressed and checked her phone. She dialled the number who called her and yes, she frowned upon hearing the voice on the other line.

"What time will you be home? The kids are waiting for you," the voice sounded sweet.

"In an hour. I just got out of the office," she answered.

She then threw one last look. Her angel is still, sleeping. She left without saying any word. Went down the lobby, and took a cab home.



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